What Are The Main Causes Of Alopecia Areata ?

Alopecia Areata:

In this article you will learn about  alopecia areata causes and symptoms.

  • It looks like an circular insect bite also called wormhole
  • The reason and solution for this can be seen in detail .
  • It is also known as alopecia areata, which is caused by a weakened immune system in the hair follicles.
  • It usually occurs in the head.
  • The beard can also attack the mustache.
  • Lack of hair at the level of the coin only round in some places on the head.

alopecia areata

  • It is an infectious disease. People with this disease can spread the worm cut on their head if they share the soap, comb, towel etc. used by others.
  •  It looks like an circular insect bite also called wormhole  . (actually there is no connection between the worm and the worm bite) and is similar to the fungal infection Tinea capitis Appear but these two are not one in the same .


Types of Alopecia Areata

  • Alopecia Areata – Alopecia areata is a round, round, completely hairy condition.
  • Partialis – Half-cut hair.
  • Barbae – Worm cut on beard or mustache.
  •  Totalis – Hair loss also on the scalp, mustache or beard.
  • Alopecia Ophiasis – Hair loss also  from the back of the head or the side of the ear.
  •  Diffusa – Widespread hair loss.
  •  Universalis – Hair loss on any part of the body.

alopecia areata

Causes of this disease

  • Allergies, eating spoiled non-vegetarian foods, intestinal germs, dental caries, tension of autism, lack of adequate nutrients in the blood, chest tumors, side effects caused by birth control pills, after effects of using steroid pills, some type.


  • There are a number of reasons besides this that may be accompanied by one or more of some sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea.

alopecia areata


    • For some people, the hair falls out in a circular pattern.
    • Some people have about half the amount of hair loss.
    • Some people also  have widespread hair loss, but not baldness.



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