Cause Of Hair Fall : How To Control The Hair Fall :

Hair Fall PROBLEM :

In this articale, you will be learn about cause of hair fall and how to manage them.

  • Truly says that There are many reasons behind one’s hair fall . It contain the 3 variety of may be.,
  • 1.Hereditary
  • 2.Result of medical treatments
  • 3.And cause of some diseases
  • Although hair loss is not biggest problem,so something don’t worry about.
  • if it is severe and leads to baldness you need to find the source of your problem to cure it.
  • There are certain health conditions that can lead to excessive hair loss or thinning hair .
  • you may consult immediate medical treatment.முடி-கொட்டுவதற்கான-காரணம/

Cause Of Hair Fall  :

  1. Thyroid problem
  2. Alopecia areata
  3. Lupus
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Depression and hair loss

cause of hair fall

Cause Of Hair Fall : Thyroid

  • Thyroid problem may be the result of hair loss for hormone imbalance.
  • Hormones help regulate bodily functions and play a important significant role in hair growth.
  • The thyroid controls our body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients such as iron and calcium that contribute to hair growth.
  • Thats why lots off hair loss in our daily life.
  • That is, both hypo- or hyperthyroidism, which are associated with low and high thyroid gland, respectively, can lead to hair loss.சொட்டையில்-முடி-வளர/

Alopecia areata

  • Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease.
  • It associated with hair loss and baldness.
  • It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles. So resulting in hair loss and hair breakage leading in total baldness.
  • It may be temporary or permanent, but it can be treated. One should approach doctors.

Cause Of Hair Fall : Lupus :

  • Lupus is another autoimmune disease.
  • That one can lead to hair loss. It can cause widespread swelling of the skin, especially the face and scalp.
  • This will gently thin the hair on the scalp, gradually leading to baldness.
  • You can lose hair from any part of your body such as eyelids, eyebrows, beard etc.,
  • Some medications can help to heal, but this condition can be permanent.
  • So,you will Consult a doctor immediately.

malnutrition :

  • Malnutrition can lead to hair loss due to lack of certain nutrients.
  • Iron, zinc, fatty acids and various vitamins are important nutrients to include in your diet to prevent the risk of hair loss.
  • Lack of iron in the body controls the flow of oxygen to the body, while zinc plays an important role in cell and immune function and protein synthesis, which is important for hair growth.
  • Besides, fatty acids reduce inflammation, while vitamin B3 promotes shiny hair growth.
  • So,finnaly malnutrition could be a major role play in the hair loss.முடிவளர-சாப்பிடவேண்டிய-உ/

Cause Of Hair Fall : Depression :

  • Depression and Hair Loss With regard to the stress associated with hair loss.
  • stress of anxiety is an  to remove hair from the scalp and eyebrows.
  • then autoimmune disease that can be caused by stress.
  • So loss the hair.



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