The Causes Of Thyroid In 2022

Causes of thyroid :

The thyroid has become a disease that affects everyone. In this article you will learn about in causes of thyroid .

  • The thyroid has become a disease that affects everyone from newborns to the elderly in today.
  • A problem with the endocrine glands in the neck is called a thyroid.
  • Studies show that about three million people worldwide suffer from thyroid disease problem.
  • The thyroid gland plays a major role in the secretion of energy, body temperature and other hormones needed by the body.
  • Therefore, the effect also air on the thyroid gland can affect the overall functioning of our body.

causes of thyroid

Here you can see what are the symptoms and the causes of it.

Symptoms :

  • 1 .Pain and swelling in the neck
  • 2. Changes in body weight
  • 3. Difficulty breathing
  • 4 .Changes in voice
  • 5 .Increased heart rate
  • 6. High blood pressure
  • 7. Nervous system
  • 8. Irregular menstruation

Causes Although there are many causes of thyroid, only a few play a major role.

Causes of thyroid in Doctors Say:

  • 1 .Iodine Deficiency Iodine deficiency in the diet we eat daily is also a major cause of thyroid formation.
  • 2. In either hereditary thyroid there is a risk that the mother or father will affect the baby.
  • This is something that can be inherited.
  • 3 .Infections Some types of infections that occur in the body can also cause the thyroid.

Irregular menstrual :

  • Thyroid deficiency can lead to memory loss and mental retardation in people from the age of 6 to the age of puberty.
  • Problems with also a learning, especially memory problems, appear.
  • Delay in puberty in girls. May experience irregular menstrual problems.

causes of thyroid

Boys :

  • There also superstition that men’s thyroid affects only women more.
  • The disease can come to anyone. Men are also more likely to have an under active thyroid.
  • This is due to smoking and iodine deficiency.
  • Thus there is a risk of impotence, cancer, and even death.

Causes of thyroid in Women  :

  • Women are also more prone to thyroid problems compared to men.
  • Not only married women but also younger women are more prone to thyroid disease which affects their puberty and also causes many problems for women with thyroid disease like irregular menstruation, problem in conception, pregnancy disorders.
  • Most often, women suffer from thyroid problems during and after pregnancy.

Effects thyroid :

  • Thyroid should be treated early otherwise it can cause many bad side effects.
  • This is because the role of the thyroid gland is very important in controlling the overall functioning of our body.
  • So when left untreated the thyroid can start with small changes.
  • Such as depression, high blood pressure, high heart rate, persistent fever and even many other adverse effects such as jaundice and coma.

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