What Is The Christmas Celebration ?

Christmas :

In this article you will learn about what is the Christmas celebration and also what day will Christmas day be on  in 2021.

  •  The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas is the cake and touch party when Christian friends go home.
  • But many are unaware of the background to the celebration and the many changes that have taken place in it.
  • Everyone knows that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

  • But when Jesus was born and the background of the word Christmas is interesting.
  • There are some historical references that Christmas was first celebrated by Western Christians in the 4th century.
  • But Christians from other sects denied it and celebrated the birth of Jesus on January 6th.


  • Since  consider this day special, they also have a habit of starting many new tasks on that day.
  • Thus Christmas became popular among the people of the country and later became a tradition celebrated all over the world.
  • The celebration expanded on many angles, from exchanging gift items and hosting competitions to share the joy .
  • The practice of placing the first  tree for began in 1510 in Riga.


  • The practice of sending the first this greeting cards began in England in 1840.


X mass Christmas :

  • Europeans in ancient times were terrified of demons, devils, and unclean spirits.
  • They believed that on days with long nights in the year they would cause harm to the people.
  • Thus they have been celebrating this in order for the sun to rise after long nights.
  • Special collective prayers are held in all the churches.


  • The birth anniversary of Jesus, is a major Christian holiday.
  • It is celebrating all over Tamil Nadu. they prayers held in churches.

It is a happy thing that all the people of the world are uniting and singing praises to Jesus this great day.

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