Dengue Fever Symptoms And Treatment !

Dengue fever symptoms :

Now most are suffer in dengue fever. So in this article you will learn about more details of dengue fever symptoms ,causes and how to get rid of dengue fever . Let’s see it now

  • Dengue is one of the diseases .
  • It can spread during the monsoon season.
  • Dengue usually starts with normal flu symptoms.
  • If you ignore the fact that it is a normal fever, the risk will increase.

dengue fever symptoms

Here are some important tips .Let’s see it now

Dengue fever symptoms and causes :

  •  It is very difficult to detect the symptoms of dengue fever at an the early stage To give the Extra attention should be paid of fever that normally starts is increasing.
  • Within four to seven days of being bitten by a mosquito that spreads dengue, most people develop for a high fever.
  • Dengue fever usually exceeds 104 degrees.
  • Apart from taking medicines to control such high temperature levels it is essential to rest completely and consume more liquid foods to be added in your breakfast.

  • They help fight dengue.
  • The number of white blood cells also fluctuates.
  • Therefore it is necessary to further test the blood to make sure that the level of blood cells is adequate.
  • Sudden onset of severe headache is another symptoms of the dengue fever.
  • Physical pain is also the symptom of dengue fever.

dengue fever symptoms

  • Chronic joint pain is a post-dengue symptom.
  • Therefore, dengue victims should eat more nutritious foods, including vitamins and healthy foods.
  • Sometimes blood will flow from it.
  • Then the eyes of the patients will turn yellow.
  • The skin also turns pale.

How to prevent it :

  • Dengue mosquitoes breed indoors and in the water around the house.
  • So keep the house and surroundings clean always will be must.
  • Use mosquito nets even if you are sleeping during the day.

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