Fever Temperature And Normal Body Temperature :

Fever Temperature :

In this article you will learn about what is the difference between fever temperature and normal  body temperature.

  • The average body temperature is 37 ° C (98.6 ° F) on average, although it varies slightly from day to day.
  • If your child’s temperature is higher than normal, your child has the flu.
  • Usually, fever is a sign that the body is fighting an infection.
  • When the body’s immune system is activated by a germ, many changes occur in the body.
  • Fever is a sign of these changes.
  • As far as the flu is concerned it is not a disease or a grief.

fever temperature

Measuring body and fever temperature :

  • Touching children when they have the flu will probably make them hot.
  • Use a thermometer to measure your child’s body temperature to make sure your child has the flu.
  • A thermometer is inserted into the anus to measure heat more accurately in a baby (rectal temperature).
  • Anal temperature above 38 C (100.4 F) indicates fever.
  • In older children, heat can be measured orally (oral temperature), which means that if the mouth temperature is higher than 37.5 (C (99.5 ° F) there is a fever.


  • Measuring heat in other ways can sometimes be useful, but the scale accuracy is low.
  • They include:The use of a thermometer in the compressor (Auxiliary Temperature i.e. auxiliary heat); A temperature above 37.2 (C (99.0 F) indicates the presence of fever.
  • Using an ear thermometer (tympanic temperature); A temperature above 38 C (100.4 F) indicates the presence of fever.

What are the causes of fever :

  • Different dental infections can cause fever.
  • The doctor will look for signs and symptoms other than the flu to find out why your child has the flu.
  • How high the fever is does not help the doctor to determine if an infection is severe or mild or if the infection is caused by bacteria or a virus.


Caring for your child with the flu :

fever temperature

Style of dress for fever temperature :

  • Wear thin clothing for the baby.
  • As most body heat escapes through the skin, wearing too much clothing or wrapping the baby around can exacerbate the fever and cause discomfort to the baby.
  • If your child has a cold or shiver, give a soft blanket.
  • Keep the room temperature comfortable enough for you when you are wearing thin clothing.


Excess fluids :

  • Encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids as the flu can cause your child to lose a little too much water.
  • Cold water or drink may help, but it does not matter if the drinks are hot or cold.

Sponge body wash :

  • To reduce body temperature, it is not usually necessary to wash the body with a sponge and it can make your child feel more uncomfortable.
  • This will not only lower the internal body temperature but also cool the outside of the baby’s body and make her shiver.
  • The sponge can wash the body only under the following conditions:
  • If it can help increase your child’s comfort.
  • In emergencies such as heat stroke or fever above 42 C (108 F).

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