Which Is The Healthy Breakfast To Loss Weight In 2022 ?

Healthy breakfast for loss weight :

In this article, you will learn about best healthy breakfast to loss weight .

  • first of all , Breakfast is most important food for morning .
  • It is great ways to wake up your body and kick start your brain.
  • Starting with the good healthy breakfast it gives more vitamins and minerals it perform better control their weight.
  • Start with your day healthy and tasty weight loss foods in naturally.
  • Missing breakfast can affect metabolism. Increase obesity.


Increase obesity:

  • It can cause a variety of diseases following it.
  • To avoid this, make it a habit to eat a healthy breakfast daily and under control their weights.

healthy breakfast to loss weight

Italian healthy breakfast to loss weight :

  • Italy is also very tasty and healthy weight loss foods.
  • It contain no fats and  low calories .
  • So,it is one of the best foods in weight loss.
  • There are many types of recipes in Italy.
  • With the exception of rice flour, italy varieties like ragi italy and rawa itli have arrived. Cook and eat each of them every day.
  • Suitable gravy , chutney for even more flavor.



  • Dosa is everyone favourite  and delicious as well as healthy food.
  • It contain also lowest calories.If you loss weight,you will prepare the dhosa low or without oil and ghee.
  • It is goods for bones and stay healthy and fitly .
  • Dosa has many features such as spicy dosa, onion dosa and egg dosa.
  • There are also alternative varieties of flour like wheat dosa, ragi dosa and rava dosa.


  • Appam is also lowest calories and delicious food.
  • It also contain lowest cholesterol  level it helps to reduce heart problem.And also help to progress weight loss
  • Slowly Appam is a specialty of Kerala but it is popular of all over India.
  • For this it is healthy to touch coconut milk or vegetable mixture.

healthy breakfast to loss weight

Pongal food :

  • Pongal is also healthy breakfast.
  • It contain rich in protein,calcium and fiber.so,lose your weight in healthy to eat pongal in reakfast.
  • It is said that eating Pacharisi Pongal in the morning gives a dull feeling.
  • Cook and eat if caught.


Soft Wada:

  • Chutney or gravy is suitable for soft wada.
  • Soaking it in crunchy gravy will enhance the taste even more.

Uppuma healthy breakfast to loss weight :

  • Many people turn their face as Uppuma.
  • But research says that uppuma is best breakfast for weight loss.
  • uppuma contain low calories and zero percentage of cholesterol .
  • And it keeps to full for a longer time in comfortable and prevent the weight gain.


  • Idiyappam is also a favorite food of many.
  • Appropriate curry or coconut sugar is good for the body.
  • For this you can make and eat it like Idiyappam.

 Pudding healthy breakfast to loss weight :

  • Pudding and seafood combo is Kerala’s specialty.
  • Eating this for breakfast will give you health and it provide some nutrition and Giving energy .
  • And also healthy ways to helps the weight loss.
  • it contain the protein , minerals .

Puri / Chapati:

  •  Potato, Chapati, Chapati Roll will make breakfast delicious.

wheat healthy breakfast to loss weight:

  • Adai Dosa is delicious nutritious for breakfast.
  • It is also healthy to eat cashew nuts.
  • Its is also helps to loss the weight.

Starting the day with these healthy food to control your weight as well as intake the nutrients.

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