What Are The Heart Attack Symptoms In Women ?

Heart attack symptoms in women :

Most of people suffer in heart attack problem. So in this article you will learn about heart attack symptoms in women.

  • Because women are at risk for heart disease due to hormonal changes during menopause, knowing the symptoms of heart problems and the risk factors for developing heart disease can help prolong life.
  • Women are more likely to suffer from heart disease in the United States.
  • Thus the death toll is high. This is higher than the mortality rate in breast .

Heart attack warnings

  • Heart attacks in women can cause symptoms in days, weeks or even months for many women.
  • Some symptoms may be dismissed by women and doctors as not having a problem.
  • Thus exacerbating the disease.
  • Let us know about some of the symptoms of heart attack that you need to know beforehand.


Heart attack symptoms in women : Tiredness

  • Fatigue is usually caused by poor sleep, viral infections, overwork or side effects of certain medications.
  • But if you continue to experience an unusual or severe fatigue problem, it may be an early sign of a heart attack or a warning sign of heart disease.
  • The study found that more than 70 percent of women experience high levels of fatigue weeks or days before a heart attack.

Heart attack symptoms in women : Irregular sleeping

  • Although fatigue is often you should take it into consideration if you have trouble sleeping regularly.
  • The study found that half of women who suffered a heart attack experienced sleep problems a few days or weeks before the heart attack.

Shortness of breath :

  • If shortness of breath is caused by things like indigestion or tension during the activities of our daily lives, in women it can be a sign of a heart attack or a sign of heart disease.


How to detect the severity of these symptoms?

  • If you notice any change in your daily habits or diet you should take it as an important sign.
  • Also if you know you have risk factors for heart disease .
  • You need to monitor what kind of feeling you are experiencing.
  • You can consult your doctor about this if you have low energy, problem with sleep disturbances or abnormal changes in your body.
  • Also you need to be careful if you already have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heart disease risk factors, smoking etc.

heart attack symptoms in women

Heart attack symptoms in women :

  • Chest pain is generally considered to be a common symptom in both men and women when a heart attack occurs.
  • Women experience pain or discomfort in other parts of the body before a heart attack.
  • Pain in the back, neck, shoulders and even in the jaws and throat may be a sign of a heart attack.
  • This heart attack can cause problems such as severe fatigue, abdominal pain, sweating, indigestion.


Symptoms in women

  • Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack before it occurs can help in getting emergency treatment.
  • Keep in mind that in a few moments the symptoms may last for a period of time and then come back.

To reduce the risk of heart attack

  • In a woman, the risk of heart diseases increases after the age of 40 or 35 .
  • During menopause as estrogen production decreases in our body and increases cholesterol levels.


  • That is, they ignore the symptoms of heart attack for some other reason.
  • If you constantly have problems like abnormal fatigue and pain, discomfort you should not ignore it.
  • The study says that we may experience warning signs up to a month before a heart attack occurs.
  • If you find this out in a timely manner you can seek medical help to save your life.

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