The History Of Christmas Tree !

History of Christmas tree :

In this article you will learn about more information in history of Christmas tree .

  • There are also a lot of stories that are history of the Christmas tree.
  • Which of the following is true? What is the real Christmas tree name?
  • This is how many people will have doubts in your mind on Christmas day.
  • Christians of a different religion living nearby will look at Christmas Day with some surprise.
  • If so why? Christmas Day is also  full of western customs.

  • As soon as you are born in December, a Christmas star will be hanging on your door.
  • Catholics will return on December 24.
  • On that day also Grandpa would go to every house and cheer the kids on.
  • Mass toys will be housed in Christmas huts.
  • The dolls are set up in the hut to mark the birth of Jesus in the stable, the appearance of the angels, and the fact that the sages saw Jesus in the stable.
  • There will be a Christmas tree near the hut.
  • There will be a Christmas star on top of it.

History of the appearance of the Christmas tree :

  • The first story everyone tells about the Christmas tree is the story of the priest Boniface who cut down an oak tree.
  • When a German priest named Boniface, who lived in the 10th century , returned to the synagogue, he saw a certain ethnic group worshiping the oak tree.
  • When the priest saw that the people were leaving Jesus and worshiping the oak tree, he threw it away.
  • Within a few days, the oak sapling began to sprout in the same place, even though it had been uprooted.
  • When the priest saw this again, he worshiped the tree in connection with the resurrection of Jesus.
  • The Germans were the first to worship by hanging a Christmas tree upside down on the doorstep.

  • It was only after this that the Christmas tree began to take place on the day of Christ’s birth.
  • From there this Christmas tree also culture is said to have spread all over the world.
  • Queen Victoria of England romantically marries Prince Albert of Germany.
  • In 1841 Albert placed a decorated tree in Winstar House, England.
  • Following this, the Christmas tree culture reportedly spread across the UK.
  • Since then, Christmas and Christmas celebrations have spread to countries ruled by the British.

history of christmas tree

Christmas tree found by Martin Luther King

  • Then also it glowed brightly with the light.
  • There is also a story that the king cut off the top of the tree and lit a candle and introduced it to the celebrations on Christmas day.
  • This is what was called the oak tree at the time The same trees are used as Christmas trees in the United States.

United Kingdom  Tree Name

  • Norway spruce These trees are also used as Christmas trees in the United Kingdom.

Indian Christmas Tree Name

  • The Australian tree also Araucaria columnaris is used as a Christmas tree in India.
  • Those who do not have this tree will place a whip  tree near the Christmas hut.

List of 16 types of trees

There are also 16 types of Christmas trees  in also worldwide. Burr type is a triangular tree with needle leaves.

1. Balsam Fir
2. Fraser
3. Canaan
4. Douglas
5. Grand Fir
6. Noble Fir
7. Concolor Fir
8. White Pine
9. Scotch Pine
10. Virginia Pine
11. Blue Spruce
12. Norway Spruce
13. White Spruce
14. Arizona Cypress
15. Leyland Cypress
16. Red Cedar

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