What Is The History Of Jesus In 2022 ?

History of Jesus :

Everyone likes to Jesus. So in this article you will learn about what is the history of Jesus.

  • Christmas is also celebrated all over the world .
  • Across caste, creed and religion.
  • The Feast of the Nativity is the holy day on which the human race that gave birth to Markali departed from the earth.
  • Let us look at some of the events that led up to Jesus’ earthly appearance two thousand years ago.

history of jesus

The story of Jesus’ birth :

  • The Virgin Mary of Nazareth married to Joseph.
  • One day God’s angel Gabriel appeared before Mary.
  • ‘Long live the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • you are  also blessed among women, the Lord is with you’.
  • Upon hearing this sudden announcement, the troubled Mary said, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, you are noble.
  • You have also
  • ‘Received the perfect love and grace of the Lord.


  • By the grace of the Lord before marriage you will give birth to a miraculous child.
  • You will name that baby of Jesus.
  • He is also the child of the Lord and is the Savior of this world. He is the Lord who will rule this world.
  • His rule alone will not bring an end. ‘
  • To the angel, ‘How can this be? I have become a virgin. ‘
  • ‘Do not worry Mary, the power of the Lord will descend upon you.
  • The child born to you is pure, the son of the Lord, ‘said Gabriel.
  • Then Mary said, “I am a servant of the Lord, and do according to your word.
  • ” Immediately the angel disappeared from there.


History of Jesus :

  • Joseph finds out that Mary was pregnant  also before marriage.
  • Joseph was righteous and righteous. So instead of wanting to disparage Maria, he quietly decided to withdraw from the deal.
  • While he was contemplating this, the angel Gabriel appeared in Josephine’s dream.
  • She is pregnant by the Holy Spirit, because she did this to redeem her people from sin.
  • Joseph awoke from his sleep and accepted Mary as his wife, just as the angel had done.
  • The next day, when King Augustus Caesar had ordered the people to be numbered, Joseph and Mary went to the city of Bethlehem in Judea to bury his own name.


  • At that time Maria had no place in the hotel to come to the maternity ward.
  • In a cowshed he gave birth to a son .

history of jesus

The child who made the changes :

  • That is, also the foundations of the also ruling class were shaken  his arrival.
  • An ordinary lady sang a revolutionary song while carrying this child in her womb.
  • That is why the birth of Jesus Christ is different.
  • We call a child who has made changes in society at birth.

May the purpose of the birth of Christ to fulfilled in the lives of all the people of the world in happily.

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