Home Remedies For Cough : Symptoms And Treatment !

Home remedies for cough :

In this article you will learn about more information in how do get rid of home remedies for cough .

home remedies for cough

  • Cough, fever, dry cough with fever, runny nose, whooping cough. It can also be caused by things like asthma.
  • Our ancestors were the ones who cured the cough in the early stages.
  • People who take medicine after coughing can try this hand remedy earlier.
  • This will gradually reduce the cough. Let’s look at such simple home remedies.


Home Remedies for Persistent Cough :

  • For some, the cough may be persistent. They are more prone to coughing, especially at night.
  • Take a handful of basil juice to get rid of cough without any harm to them.
  • Then you have to drink it with money.
  • Mix drumstick juice, rock salt and a pinch of lime with basil juice, mix well and apply on the throat.
  • If this is done for three consecutive days the cough may gradually heal.

home remedies for cough

Home remedies for cough :

  • Available at Arichitippili Country Drug Stores.
  • Buy this and fry it in a pan.
  • Take a piece of black betel, remove the stalk, fold it in the middle and chew it with the betel.
  • Chew well and let the juice swallow slowly.
  • Everyone from children to adults can eat this.
  • The juice may gradually subside as the cough subsides.


home remedies for cough for ginger :

  • Then take the citron, two pieces of ginger in small pieces and crush it and take the juice.
  • Mix both the leaf juice and the ginger extract and take 10 to 20 drops depending on the age.
  • Dip it in butter and eat it twice a day in the morning and evening to get rid of cough.
  • Healing of hemorrhoids in children.
  • If the cough persists, especially if it is a dry cough, salt and pepper should be put in the mouth.
  • Then drink a tumbler of well-fermented cow’s milk. If you do this twice a day, the cough will gradually stop.

home remedies for cough

Pepper for cough :

  • For those who want to avoid salt and pepper because of its spicy and salty taste, soak the mustard seeds in a little water, grind a quarter teaspoon of the core and dip it in half a teaspoon of honey and eat it in two days.
  • Boil water soaked in barley rice for colds, coughs and sore throats.
  • If this water is kept intact they may come out clear.
  • Then take it out alone and mix it with honey and drink it to get rid of cough.
  • If you continue to eat for three days, the sore throat may heal. Cough will be controlled.


Home remedies for cough  :

  • Babies do not sleep at night when the cough persists. When they sleep at night take the pears and chop them lengthwise.
  • Peel a squash, grate it and cook for 30 minutes. Adding a little saffron to children will help speed up the cough.

Note this point :

  • These tips will definitely help when the cough is without any other symptoms without any infection.
  • These can help control whooping cough, whooping cough, whooping cough and whooping cough.
  • It is advisable to consult a doctor if the cough is severe within 2 days of using it.

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