How To Break A Fever In 2022 !

How to break a fever :

Now this climate are most suffer in fever and cold. So in this article you will learn about how to break a fever and cold in naturally.

  • When germs get into our body, our immune cells recognize them and fight them off.
  • Then the fever is the heat released by the body.
  • Definitely go to the doctor if you have a fever and find out what kind of fever it is.

how to break a fever

If you have the common cold, here’s are some important tips to how to get rid of germs at home.

Drink water :

  • When it comes to the flu in general, a lot of people do not drink much water.
  • They are afraid that the cold fever will come.
  • That’s wrong.
  • If the fever comes, there will be excessive heat in the body.
  • To alleviate it, you need to drink water.
  • This way to also the heat will not affect the brain also.

Liquid diet should include:

  • During a fever time to also the digestive organs work very slowly.
  • So avoid eating a lot of solid foods and take porridge fruit juice.
  • Take only solid foods that are easily digested.
  • And also Adding your food to oil will increase the fever heavily.

how to break a fever

How to break a fever

  • Take a handful of basil leaves, put it in half a liter of water, boil it and drink a quarter liter of it.
  • If you suffer from colds, put groundnut powder in two quarts of water, add one quart of stew and drink it.
  • Basil leaf juice mixed with an equal share of ginger juice and drink four times a day to cure fever  .
  • Take a handful of pepper and fry it in a frying pan, then put it in a quarter liter of water and bring it to a good boil.

  • If you drink a tumbler of water after it has dried, you will get rid of also in any any fever.
  • Finely grind five grams of basil leaves with two peppercorns, take the amount of gooseberry and drink it with hot water in the morning and evening work, it will cure the fever which lasts for weeks.
  • If you have a fever with a chilling cold, grate a little pepper and add a little sugar , drain a tumbler and give half a pinch of the tea to get rid of the cold.

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