Reason For Hair Loss In 2022 !

Reason for hair loss :

In this article you will learn about more information about in reason for hair loss. Because hair is most important role play in our beauty .

  • Hair loss is one of the most important changes in a woman’s life.
  • To treat this problem,first of all to find out the cause of it.
  • Only then can the right treatment be provided.

 Causes of Hair Loss :

reason for hair loss

Hair spray :

  • Excessive use of hairspray and overuse of hair products such as gels, sprays and hair dyes can damage your hair more .
  • If these are used regularly, the growth of hair will also be stunted.
  • Tight pony tail, incorrect combing and combing can also worsen the condition of your hair.

Hormonal imbalance :

  • Hair growth is also greatly affected by hormonal imbalances in the body of women or gens.
  • But probably most affected in women ,so that’s a time to suffer hair problem.

Reason for hair loss anemia :

  • Anemia occurs when a person’s diet is low in iron.
  • Many women develop anemia because their menstrual cycle is strong and they do not have enough folic acid in their body.
  • Thus the production of hemoglobin begins to decrease.

reason for hair loss

  • Thus less oxygen goes to the organs of the body.
  • If oxygen does not reach your hair follicles, they can weaken and break the hair easily. Thus causing hair loss.

Menstrual period :

  • During a woman’s final menstrual period she will experience many changes in her body.
  • One of them is hair cutting. This is because of the low estrogen levels in their body.
  • If not taken care of properly, their hair will dry out and hair loss will occur.
  • So Use mild shampoos and conditioners to maintain it.
  • As well as more important to eating the right foods.

Reason for hair loss pregnancy :

  • Many women have hair loss problem after childbirth.
  • This is because during pregnancy, the hormone estrogen is at its peak.
  • So that the hair of the head is high.
  • Thus having to deal with hair loss.
  • But this is a temporary situation. After a few weeks, the hair growth will start to heat up again.

Low protein :

  • Our hair is made of a protein that is called keratin.
  • If we do not eat foods rich in protein, it will start to leave our body.
  • Thus the hair will start to fall out.
  • As a result your hair will start to weak and also fall out in short time period.
  • Women who take birth control pills may experience side effects if they stop taking them.
  • Other hormone pills and therapies have similar effects.
  • Hair loss can also be caused by chemotherapy.

reason for hair loss

Poor Diet :

  • following strict diet control and losing too much body weight can have a detrimental effect on your hair.
  • That’s because these types of diets block the nutrients that need to go into your body.
  • Otherwise one reason is to avoid eating certain foods that are essential for your hair growth also.

Reason for hair loss thyroid :

  • The thyroid is responsible for the secretion of thyroxine hormones.
  • These are the hormones that your body needs for growth.
  • If a person suffers from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, they will secrete more or less of these hormones.
  • If this is not noticed in a timely manner, defects can occur. Hair loss is one of the major changes that can occur in your body.
  • Autoimmune disease is when our body produces antibodies against our own cells and tissue.
  • They also attack your hair, causing hair loss.

Medical condition issues :

  • Hair loss due to some medical conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis.
  • When you have diabetes your body’s circulatory system is greatly affected.
  • If the blood flow in the scalp is bad due to diabetes, the hair follicles will die.
  • Thus the hair will fall out. Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects the scalp and hair follicles.
  • It is normal to lose 60-100 hairs daily. But if there is hair loss on top of that, that is the problem.

If you notice this, it is good to examine your body and find out the cause of hair loss.

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