The Santa Clause History ?

The Santa clause :

In this article you will learn about the Interesting history of the appearance of the Santa clause .

  • The first thing that comes to mind with Christmas is Santa Claus, also known as Santa Claus.
  • With a bushy white beard and also a smiling face wearing a red velvet robe with a white border.
  • you can see interesting information about the charming Santa Claus .

  • Nicholas was born in the port of Lycia in the Roman Empire.
  • At a young age he traveled to Palestine and Egypt.
  • On his return to , Nicholas became a Christian bishop.

  • When Christians were hunted down during the reign of Emperor Diocletian in Rome, Bishop Nicholas was also imprisoned.
  • However, with the passage of time, Emperor Constantine was released. After his death his body was buried at Myra.

History of The Santa clause  :

  • Crowds began to flock to his grave because of the compassion he showed to the people, his love and his generosity.
  • His tomb became very popular with the people by the sixth century
  • Italian sailors arrived in Myra and took his relics from Nicholas’ tomb to , Italy. Thus, his fame spread throughout Zaropa.

  • His fame spread to New York City in the United States through Dutch pilgrims..
  • Then English-speaking people affectionately called him Santa Claus.
  • In 1822 Clement Moore wrote an essay entitled The Night Before Christmas.
  • In it he described Santa Claus.

the santa clause

  • It became very popular in the press.
  • Nicholas’ fame spread throughout the United States as he portrayed Nicholas as the protagonist in his poem, which begins as Moore’s Jingle Bell Jingle Bell.

  • The servant’s beautiful red cheeks, brown beard, small mouth, big belly, red beautiful top hat, winter hat, a bundle on his shoulder – all of these are a combination of the Santa Claus we enjoy watching.
  • The red-and-white robe worn by the bishops in the time of St. Nicholas became the dress of Santa Claus.

Since then, Santa’s been around the world as a symbol of love.

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