Weight Gain Food : The Best 13 Foods To Weight Gain In Naturally And Safely !

Weight gain food  :

In this article  you will learn very good healthy information . Which is the weight gain food in faster and safely .

weight gain food

  • Weight gain is a common problem for many people. Many people usually get advice on how to lose weight.
  • We see so many treatments about it in the newspapers or on television every day.
  • But wouldn’t it be a problem for those who are underweight to want to gain weight?
  • But because their rate is low, many are unaware of it.
  • Can we not see their problem for that? In this age of wanting to adopt zero size body structure, focusing on healthy body structure is also an important one.
  • Thus if the body is underweight, it can be corrected with a few foods.


1.Weight gain food in Salmon :

  • Eating one or two salmon a day will help the body absorb the protein it needs and gain weight.
  • And the essential oils in it will keep you from laziness and absorb the good fats you need.

weight gain food

2.Shrimp :

  • Seafood lovers? Then you can eat shrimp twice a day.
  • Will increase your body weight easily .

3.Chicken breast :

  • Grill the chicken breast, rub with mayonnaise and serve with lunch.
  • Not only is it delicious, it also helps with weight loss.


4.Weight gain food in Boiled beef :

  • Adding nutritious boiled beef to a sandwich will increase body weight.
  • Because the fat in it is easily absorbed, the body weight will increase rapidly.

5.Egg for weight gain food:

  • To gain weight, you need to eat eggs that are rich in protein and amino acids.
  • The yolk in the egg is high in good fat and high in calories.
  • So if you have two eggs a day, you can gain weight fast.

6.Build cheese / cheese :

  • Cheesecake made from skim milk is high in soluble protein for vegetarians.
  • Because it is high in protein, it gives the body enough calories.
  • So as to increase body weight faster.

weight gain food

7.weight gain food in Red meat :

  • If there is enough red meat, the body will absorb protein.
  • You can add it to the sauce and eat it with food.
  • Eating in this way will not only fill the stomach, but also increase body weight.

8.Eating a bowl of oatmeal :

  • porridge is a nutritious breakfast. It is high in fiber, which provides the body with essential nutrients immediately.
  • So add cream, nuts and bananas along with oats to enhance the flavor.


9.Pasta for weight gain food:

  • If you put delicious pasta in a bowl and eat it, it will be a satisfying meal.
  • Not only does it fill the stomach, but the excess carbohydrates in it will load the body with nutrients and increase body weight.

10.Wheat Chapati :

  • A slice of chapati made with wheat contains 13 calories.
  • So if you rub your favorite jam, butter or mayonnaise on wheat chapati, it will be a delicious breakfast.
  • Thus the stomach fills up fast.
  • As it is slowly absorbed by the body, it will easily gain weight.

11.Beans :

  • Beans are similar to animal protein. So it can be chosen by vegetarians.
  • Cooking it with good sauce, which contains 300 calories.
  • If you add some beta bread to it, it will be a delicious meal.
  • It will also increase body weight.

12.Potatoes for weight gain food :

  • Potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates and sugar.
  • If you use too much of it in the diet, the body will absorb the nutritious fat.
  • Even boiled or steamed potatoes can be eaten with salads, sandwiches and other foods to gain weight.


  • Raisins contain 99 calories.
  • If you eat a handful of raisins, the body will be full of healthy calories.
  • More fiber and stagnation.
  • This will reduce the bad fat in the body and increase the healthy calories.
  • Thus increasing body weight faster.

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