Why Celebrate Christmas ?

Why Celebrate Christmas :

In this article you will learn about why celebrate Christmas . There are only a few days left until the Christmas festival which are celebrated enthusiastically in Christians around the world.

In this case, you can see the Christmas festival and its history here.

  • Christmas also celebrated in December 25 .
  • This is what most Christians follow.
  • Meanwhile, Christians in the Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on January 7th.Also, there is a rumor circulating that Christmas is a traditional celebration and not the birthday of Jesus Christ.

why celebrate christmas

History of the Christian Feast:

  • Jesus Christ was also born on December 25th., proclaimed by the 3rd-century pastor Sectus Julius Africanus.
  • Because March 25 is the day is also Jesus Christ was conceived.
  • From this, exactly, the tenth month begins on December 25th.


  • It is said that he may have been born on any day between December 25 and January 7.
  • In the early days, Christians considered March 25 to be the day Jesus was crucified.
  • They said this in the sense that he died on the day of his conception.
  • However, in 245 CE, Origen, a theologian, opposed the celebration of the incarnation and death of Jesus.
  • The Christian Church has denied the allegations.

Why celebrate Christmas :

  • This is also the  historical evidence for the antiquity of Christmas.


  • the Jesus birth also a January 6 or 7 .
  • claiming that Jesus’ birth brought joy and light not only to the Jews but to all the people of the world.
  • According to researcher Edward Gibbon, Christmas celebrations in Constantinople, where Aryanism was rampant, caused a great deal of controversy.
  • Edward Gibbon notes that the celebration of Christmas was intensified after Chrysostom became Catholic archbishop in 400 B.C.

why celebrate christmas

Christmas Celebrations:

  • At midnight on December 24, all Christians will go to parlors around the world for special worship.
  • There will also be a charity dinner at midnight.
  • In turn, in the homes and churches of Christians, as a sign of Christ’s appearance, huts made of reed-like grass, the baby Jesus Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the sages would place the scorpions.
  • Everyone wears a putta.


  • Invite friends and relatives and treat them.
  • At night there are fireworks and art shows.
  • Some people pretend to be Santa Claus and give presents and greetings to many people, including children.
  • At that time, the band would go in groups and sing hymns from house to house.
  • All in all, Christmas is an exciting holiday not only for Christians but for all the people of the world.
  • There is no doubt that Christmas is a symbol of the unity of religions.

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