Zodiac sign for next 4months due to Sani vagra peyarchi

Here we discuss about Zodiac sign for next 4 months due to Sani vagra peyarchi.


  • On June 20, 2021, Guru Bhagavan will complete his transcendental transition from Aquarius to Capricorn. This crooked position of the Guru will bring different changes in the life of each one. For some, this guru curve shift period can be challenging. Among the Navagraha, the 5 planets Mars, Mercury, Venus, Guru and Saturn will orbit.
  • The curvature of the planets refers to the period of backwardness. The planets move very slowly in this curved position. Every 13 months the Guru would go backwards for about four months. Now let us see what kind of benefits each zodiac sign is going to get in the period when the Guru in the Aquarius zodiac changes to a crooked position and moves towards Capricorn.


  • Aries zodiac signs find it difficult to fulfill desires, expectations and dreams during this time. What you expect during this period may be delayed or you may not get the expected results. Financially, you may face some issues. When it comes to relationships, relationship wise, it is advisable to maintain proper communication with your spouse to avoid any misunderstandings. Those who want to get married, have to wait until the Guru Curve period is over. In terms of health, it is a favorable period. However, it is advisable to maintain a proper diet and healthy lifestyle.


  • Taurus Pisces zodiac signs require patience. Be careful what you do. You have to fight a lot during this period. It is also advisable to speak with respect to everyone when you speak. Professionally, do not start any new project. Workers do not change jobs. Entrepreneurs get better career opportunities. But it may be a little late to get the benefits. The family environment is happy and quiet during this time.


  • Gemini zodiac students who want to pursue higher education will be hampered. Guru crooked shift period will give you a different belief system. Professionally, for those who are unemployed or looking for a new job, new opportunities may be available.
  • But patience is advised as there may be a slight delay. You have more support of your family during this time. And you get full support from your children and siblings. You will fulfill your desires through hard work. And you will get relief from the problems you have encountered so far.


  • Crab zodiac signs benefit from tax money. But it will be too late. To get insurance benefits, you need to put extra effort. There may be some dissatisfaction with sex life during this time. And during this time your spiritual beliefs may go unfulfilled. This can lead to restlessness in the mind. As for health, they have to take care of themselves as they may be affected by health related issues. It is better to use energy for some useful things than to waste energy on unnecessary things.


  • The lion Leo zodiac signs looking for a life partner without getting married, can find someone with a generous attitude. During this time these zodiac signs can gain independence with their spouse. But that freedom will be with some restrictions. Those waiting for a second marriage can find their spouse.
  • If employees are thinking of changing jobs during this time, this is not a good time to do so. Employees may have some conflicts with their colleagues. In terms of finances, economic conditions will be volatile. The chances of getting cash benefits are very low these days.


  • Virgo zodiac signs are strong both mentally and physically. This will help them to fight their flaws and enemies in the best possible way. In terms of health, there may be some issues. It may be particularly affected by blood sugar. Also gain a little bit of body weight. Merchants face a lot of workload. Colleagues will not help you. If you participate in any competition, try to succeed through hard work. There may be some problems in married life.


  • Libra zodiac sign may face problems in love life during Guru Vakra period. Those who want to get married and expand the family may find that their plans are delayed. It is advisable not to fall prey to any speculation or gambling during this time. These things increase the risk to them and can cause great loss. So this is the time to be careful.


  • Scorpio zodiac signs can become very proud and arrogant about themselves during this time. Thus create enemies unnecessarily. When it comes to finances, hard work pays off. The relationship with the mother may not be healthy during this time. You may encounter some problems related to the vehicle.
  • You will buy property during this time.  And you will get support from family members. However, the effect of the hard work put in may be delay. That too may get much slower than expected. In terms of health, you will be weak. But the financial situation may improve. These zodiac signs will gain respect by this Guru Curve shift.



  • Sagittarians may have some problems with their siblings. Thus the relationship with the siblings will be a bit worse during this time. Financially, you can manage your finances properly at this point. Thus you will be proud to think of yourself. Thus it can harm you. It is therefore advisable not to be too proud. It may take some time to learn new things during this time.



  • Capricorns may face some unusual costs. This can lead to financial imbalances and disrupt lifestyles. During this period, the property of the ancestors can be inherit. However, the property may not be usable. This crooked position of the Guru may bring some security issues during this time.

Zodiac sign for next 4 months due to Sani vagra peyarchi


  • Aquarius astrologers may suffer from liver related health problems due to this guru curvature. You will not understand those around you during this time. It may even seem that someone is trying to deceive us. This Guru crooked shift period will not benefit these zodiac signs in all respects. Things can get delayed when the expected opportunities go away. However, intelligence, intelligence, health and luck may improve during this period. And they may become even more attractive.


  • Pisces Guru crooked shift is beneficial for Pisces astrologers who want to attain higher wisdom and intellect. Beneficial to those involved in meditation and research. These zodiac signs will be fearless during this time. They will not give up on any one thing easily. And during this time they will defeat their enemies and take an interest in religious activities. It is also likely to lead to frustration with high expectations.


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